Natalie Strike

RAD CBTS and Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Natalie has been dancing Classical Ballet from age 3, training in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus up to Advanced 1 level, at various schools in Colchester and Reading. She has recently completed the Royal Academy of Dance Certificate in Ballet Teaching course. While completing the course, she was studying under Wendy McElroy, an RAD examiner and tutor.

After dancing for 15 years, Natalie picked up an injury which led her to explore how to train like an athlete, while still dancing like an artist. She completed her Level 4 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning as well as a Practical Pilates and Corrective Exercise course. Natalie applies this knowledge to her classes aiming to provide a holistic approach to teaching.

Natalie has experience teaching a variety of ages and abilities, from baby ballet up to Advanced 2. While teaching in several schools throughout Reading, she has choreographed entries for ballet shows, as well as run free ballet lessons alongside syllabus classes.